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Village East Gifted

33 Walt Whitman Road

Huntington Station, NY

Other Locations:

216 Willis Ave.
Roslyn Heights, NY

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Village East Gifted of Huntington
33 Walt Whitman Road
Suite 111
Huntington Station, New York 11746

Village East Gifted of Roslyn
216 Mineola Avenue
Second Floor
Roslyn Heights, New York 11577



Village East Gifted (VEG) offers an academically-rigorous CORE curriculum, covering all subjects, to gifted students ages 2-15. Its trademarked teaching methodology, the Phillips RBM Approach , is non-linear, highly-creative and intellectually-challenging with a strong emphasis on the perfection of the written word.



The Village East Gifted curriculum is trademarked and patented containing continuously-modified lessons in all academic subjects which are NEVER repeated. If a student has already learned any part of the curriculum presented in the class, the teachers immediately present another VEG curriculum. Students who have been in the program for ten years have never encountered the same lesson twice.

Classes are formed based on each participant's grade level, academic performance and social/emotional development. Students can register for one semester at a time or for the whole school year. Though there is a maximum of 15 students per class, the average class size is 9-12 students. It is recommended that all participants remain in the program for at least two academic years. Most participants remain in the program for 3-5 years. Students can sign up for 1-2 CORE or Pre-CORE classes per week. Writing workshops are open to all students as often as they wish.



With locations in Nassau and Suffolk counties, VEG offers the following daytime and evening classes seven days a weekWith locations in Nassau and Suffolk counties, VEG offers the following daytime and evening classes seven days a week:

Pre-CORE (ages 2 3)
CORE (grades N-10)
WRITING Workshops (grades K-10)
STUDY SKILLS (grades 6-10)
STEAM Workshops (grades K-10)
PRIVATE Enrichment (ages 2-15)


All VEG Educators are master teachers with at least 25 years of teaching experience. VEG Alumni are hired to assist the teachers and serve as role models for the students.


Prospective students in grades 2-10 must have an IQ of 130+ and/or in the 90th % or higher on state tests. Students can be accepted (Ages 2-10) without an IQ test if the executive director, after an interview and curriculum assessment, recommends admissions.



Tobi J. Phillips, Ed. D. (cert), Headmaster, Founder of Village East Gifted, Inc. has been teaching students in grades N-12 for over forty-four years. She received her B.A. from Ithaca College with a double major in Vocal Music and Anthropology. She earned three masters from Boston College: Masters of Education (M. Ed), Masters of Special Education (M. A.) and Special Education of the Blind and Visually Impaired (M.S.). She was accepted into the doctoral program at Teachers College, Columbia University where she became Ed. D. certified in Instructional Technology in Education.

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Village East Gifted (VEG), with locations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, is celebrating 16 years of academic excellence in the field of gifted education. The program offers a rigorous CORE curriculum, covering all subjects to gifted students ages 2-15. Founder and CEO, Tobi J Phillips, Ed.D. (cert.), trademarked her teaching methodology and curriculum, which is highly creative and intellectually challenging. VEG is also renowned for its ongoing emphasis on the written word’s perfection.