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Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School

131 Brookville Road

Brookville , NY

516-626-1700 x546

About LuHi

Located on a beautifully wooded 32-acre estate in Brookville, NY, LuHi serves students in grades 6-12. LuHi is a faith-based, college-preparatory school developing tomorrow's leaders. We empower every member of our close-knit community to achieve and grow personally, academically, and spiritually.

The LuHi experience is the sum of every teachable moment, personal insight, and lifelong connection that occurs on our campus or within our community. Our commitment to outstanding achievement ensures that our students receive a rigorous college preparatory curriculum focused on educating the whole child.

High School

Our high school courses intentionally balance real-world learning with skill development to prepare students for an ever-changing world. LuHi students are able to personalize their schedules with a selection of more than 100 courses, including 14 AP classes, on-site internships, and other college preparatory opportunities.

Course Options

Middle School

LuHi’s middle school program is uniquely designed to foster and nurture the academic, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of our sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Our connection to a full high school allows middle school students to take advanced math, science, and world language classes as appropriate.

 Course Options


Athletics at LuHi



LuHi is committed to excellence in athletics as part of a larger commitment to excellence in education. LuHi student athletes are challenged to learn discipline, determination, cooperation, and teamwork. With the help of knowledgeable and dedicated coaches and advisors, students expand their interests, develop skills, and compete in a positive and supervised setting. Our goal is to develop the mind, body, and spirit of our student athletes.

Arts at LuHi

Arts at LuHi

The mission of the Fine Arts Department is to promote artistic self-development in a respectful environment. This is encouraged through the emphasis on creativity and the mastery of skills, while at the same time recognizing the abilities of the individual student. Through courses in Visual Arts, Music (Band, Orchestra, Chorus), and Dance, students are able to use their gifts and talents for self expression, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Clubs and Extracurriculars

Clubs and Extracurriculars

LuHi students are encouraged to participate in the various clubs and organizations that meet after school each week. Participation in the clubs allows students to pursue their interests, while providing opportunities to develop leadership skills.

Faith and Service at LuHi

Faith and Service at LuHi

The LuHi community comes together for chapel each week. Students are involved in the planning and implementation of weekly chapels, and are encouraged to offer their God-given gifts of music, singing, and dance in worship. Each grade level has the opportunity to go on a retreat during the school year as well as participate in a variety of service opportunities both locally and globally.

Summer Program

Summer at LuHi

Summer at LuHi

Located on the North Shore and home to a variety of programs in Athletics, Arts, Recreation, and STEM, LuHi Summer Programs seeks to bring out the best in your camper and help them build friendships that last a lifetime. Come and join the Long Island tradition of a LuHi Summer!

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LuHi is a faith-based, college preparatory school serving students from sixth-12th grades and developing tomorrow's leaders. We empower every member of our close-knit community to achieve and grow personally, academically, and spiritually. With an education at LuHi, students leave our campus fully prepared for the challenges of higher education.