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Elite Minds Montessori

Elite Minds Montessori a French Inclusion Pre-School for 2 ½-6 Year olds and a part of the American Montessori Society

We all know that the first 5 years are crucial to learning.  At Elite Minds Montessori we take full advantage of your child’s potential to learn and allow them to find their unique learning potential through the Montessori method.

While each child is unique in his/her abilities, talents, and personalities, Elite Minds Montessori educators encourage their uniqueness and allow them to adapt to our learning environment at their own pace.  If your child prefers art over literacy, or math over geography, they can spend as much time in that center as they would like during our daily 3 hours of uninterrupted play. 

Our nurturing environment and trained teachers help to reinforce positive behaviors through guidance and peer interaction.

Maria Montessori, the founder of Montessori, knew that children learned best through exploring a purposeful environment independently. 

Elite Minds Montessori

Our classroom is structured so that your children have the ability to move freely and purposefully without teacher direction or distraction.

While many toddlers seem to need a lot of instruction and direction, Montessori children are extremely influenced by peer behavior and a purposeful classroom environment.  When all peers are working purposefully and independently, your child will too.

At Elite Minds Montessori, we offer a variety of traditional Montessori activities to keep your child engaged in 3 hours of uninterrupted work, we will explore ;   

            *sensory station where they can explore smells, tastes, and feelings,
            * mathematics, learning to count by 10’s, add with beads, multiply with cubes,
            * art and music with artist studies from all over the world
            * a dual language curriculum,

Your child will find learning in an organic way, yet always challenged so that they not only learn to learn but love learning!

Our French inspired curriculum is embedded into the Montessori Day through art, song and dance.

In between our uninterrupted learning sessions, our students will play daily in the playgrounds located at Brooklyn Bridge Park and around the corner.

Meals are also an important part of the day, and will be eaten family style.  All students will help set up and dismantle snack and lunch tables.

We look forward to meeting you for a tour!  Please visit our website for more information 

Elite Minds Montessori


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Elite Minds Montessori is a private preschool in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn for children ages 2-6. We offer a nurturing multilingual (English and French) environment where children can develop their unique skills and potential. Now enrolling for our six-week outdoor camp July 6-Aug. 13 and for the 2021-22 school year.