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Catholic Elementary Schools of Long Island

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Strong spiritual guidance is an essential part of daily activities at Long Island Catholic elementary schools, creating a special sense of community among children, families, teachers, and the local parish, which reinforces moral values and an abiding respect for others. Our resourceful instructors use powerful spiritual teachings and real-world experiences to bring these values to life for children, while our smaller classes allow for more personalized and productive interaction between students and teachers.


Students at Long Island Catholic elementary schools apply the moral and spiritual lessons they learn in the real world by participating in charitable community initiatives throughout the year and by responding every day to others in a respectful and helpful manner. This spirit of caring and community in our students helps to give them the enduring moral foundation to become active, contributing members of society. 

Diocese of RVC



A strong Catholic identity as taught in our schools matters. Catholic schools are uniquely empowered to help your children in some very important ways. Catholic schools:

  • Help socialize children in a positive way
  • Reinforce the positive values that you live in your family
  • Reassures children that they are safe and loved, and that God loves them
  • Teaches children that their value is not based on how others see them
  • Features teachers who are models of the faith


You celebrate them in your home. You work to instill them in your children. The timeless values that create better prepared, more capable, and more confident young adults. An important part of your child’s program is the learning of values. This is often the most easily observable difference in a ‘Catholic school kid’. While the specific order and organization of when these values are taught might differ from school-to-school, the values and the discipline to live them are enduring qualities and are taught consistently across all Catholic elementary schools. 

Diocese of RVC

The schedule below details how one of our schools creates a focus on two values in each in of the nine years of elementary and middle school.

Kindergarten – Courtesy and Respect – Learning the importance of politeness and good manners in dealing with others, as well as the need to respect one another, and personal and public property.

First Grade – Punctuality and Neatness – Being on time for school and with assignments and being neat in both school work and homework.

Second Grade – Kindness and Generosity – Understanding the need to reach out and help one another and realizing the joy in giving more than is expected. 

Diocese of RVC

Third Grade – Hard Work and Perseverance – Recognizing the importance of diligence and a good work attitude, the satisfaction of doing our best and the need to keep trying despite obstacles.

Fourth Grade – Honesty and Responsibility – Being truthful and keeping our word, doing the right thing even when no one else is looking, accepting the consequences of our actions and meeting our obligations. 

Diocese of RVC

Fifth Grade – Patience and Discipline – Learning to be patient with ourselves and others, saying “yes” to the right things and “no” to the wrong things, and taking charge of ourselves by controlling our actions and emotions.

Sixth Grade – Tolerance and Justice – Learning to accept and appreciate the differences in others and treating them with equality and fairness.

Seventh Grade – Thoughtfulness and Compassion – Understanding the needs and feeling of others and treating them with equality and fairness.

Eighth Grade – Loyalty and Courage – Caring about our relationships with others and being willing to show it through our actions; having the strength and will to do what is right even when we’re afraid or it’s unpopular. 

Diocese of RVC

The bottom line is that children who graduate from a Catholic elementary school grow up with more poise and better self-esteem, they interact well with adults because they are courteous and responsible, and they respect themselves and others.  The more disciplined environment in a Catholic elementary school supports a better environment for learning and leaves graduates with the self-discipline to succeed at whatever they try in the future. 

Diocese of RVC

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Long Island's Catholic elementary schools are 39 unique and beautiful schools in Nassau and Suffolk counties that educate the whole child in the spirit of service and compassion. Coupled with God's love, we strive to inspire each child to grow spiritually and academically in a diverse and challenging world.