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Appletree ABA

100 Duffy Avenue, Suite 510, Hicksville, New York 11801, United States



Serving Nassau County NY, Appletree ABA is committed to providing effective high-quality, and compassionate ABA therapy services to individuals with Autism and their families. Visit our website at or email [email protected] to learn more.


Appletree ABA provides ABA therapy that is individualized to every child, designed in a way that suits their needs and abilities. We offer a personalized approach so that your child can grow and thrive in their own unique way. Find out more about the services we offer by contacting us today at 516-881-5373 or emailing [email protected].


Our team is passionate advocates for increased opportunities and acceptance for all individuals with ASD. Contact us to learn more about how Appletree ABA can help your child today by calling 516-881-5373 or emailing [email protected].


Our team at Appletree ABA knows that small acts add up to make big impacts on the growth of the children we serve. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can chart the path of your child's progress. Visit our website at or email: [email protected].


Our ABA services are rooted in compassionate care. We provide proven methods to foster change and success. Learn more about our services by contacting us today. Call: 516-881-5373 Email: [email protected].

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Appletree ABA develops customized ABA therapy programs for children and families in their homes, in schools, and in the local community. We equip each child and parent with the training and supervision necessary for high-quality, consistent teaching and behavioral intervention to teach language, social, self-help, daily living, and life skills.