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10 Easy Ways Your Family Can Celebrate Grandparents Day 2021

10 Easy Ways Your Family Can Celebrate Grandparents Day 2021

Celebrate the grandmas and grandpas in your child's life on Grandparents Day, Sept. 12, 2021

Grandparents Day is a reminder to pause and show appreciation for the wisdom and joy we get from grandparents. It’s a day for celebrating the connections between the generations. It’s also a day for building and nurturing your child’s relationships with their grandparents

When is Grandparents Day 2021? Grandparents Day is celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day, which is Sunday, Sept. 12 this year.

10 Physical and Experiential Grandparents Day Gifts Your Kids Can Give

Sure, your kids can call Grandma and Grandpa on the phone or video chat with them on Grandparents Day 2021 (check out these questions kids can ask grandparents to keep the convo going!). But here are some creative ways to celebrate your parents with your children whether they’re together or apart:

1. Kids can make tasty treats for (or with) their grandparents.

If your kids love to help you cook or bake, they can make these treats and enjoy them with grandma and grandpa in honor of their special day. (If they’re apart, they can make the recipe together on a video chat device.)

  • Donut Apples: Sure, these apples won’t taste like a doughnut. Still, apples with cream cheese are a healthy treat that the grandparents and kids will gobble up.
  • Raspberry and Cream Cheese Brownie Bites: This classic combination of chocolate and brownies are delish in these bite-sized brownies. If you want another flavor combo, use strawberry jam or orange marmalade.
  • Oreo Rice Krispies Treats from Taste of Home: These treats are chewy on the inside with a crispy, crunchy cookie top. Not only are they tasty, but the crumbled cookies make for a sweet presentation. 
  • Recipes from NYC restaurants: If savory is more your family’s speed, try one of these recipes recreating favorite dishes from NYC restaurants, including Shake Shacks’ burgers and cheese sauce and Van Leeuwen’s roasted banana ice cream.

2. Have your kids dress up like a grandparent.

Grandma and grandpa will get a kick out of seeing your child recreate their outfits. Maybe grandma carries a large purse. Or perhaps grandpa is never without a cowboy hat. See what your kids can come up with, then show the grandparents the creation via video chat or in person. 

3. Watch a movie together about a grandparent and grandchild relationship.

These family-friendly flicks have grandparents in them. Watch them together in person or virtually.

The War With Grandpa
Recommended ages: 8 and older
Where to stream: Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, and Vudu
Sixth-grader Peter is an average kid who likes gaming, hanging with his friends, and wearing his beloved pair of Air Jordans. When his recently widowed grandfather Ed moves in with Peter’s family, the boy is forced to give up his bedroom. Peter devises a series of pranks to drive out his grandpa. Soon, the two are in an all-out war.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Recommended ages: 8 and older
Where to stream: Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, and Vudu
A poor but hopeful boy seeks one of the five coveted golden tickets that will send him on a tour of Willy Wonka’s mysterious chocolate factory. He is chaperoned by his Grandpa Joe.

Whale Rider

Recommended ages: 11 and older
Where to stream: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu
Only males are allowed to become chiefs in a Maori tribe in New Zealand. This ancient custom is upset when the child selected to be the next chief dies at birth. However, his twin sister, Pai, lives. At 12 years old, she enlists the help of her grandmother and the training of her uncle to claim her birthright. She just has to win over her traditional grandfather.

4. Read a grandparents-themed book.

These books include grandparents to help you celebrate all things Grandma and Grandpa. Have your kids snuggle up with their grandparents (or look at them on the screen) and read away.

The Berenstain Bears Grandparents are Great!
Recommended ages: 3-7
Brother and Sister Bear love to spend time with Gramps and Gran. This book features two humorous stories about the beloved bear family.

Just Grandma, Grandpa, and Me
Recommended ages: 3-7
Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter is spending the day with Grandma and Grandpa in these classic stories. This 2-in-1 picture book looks at the memories that grandparents help us create.

How to Babysit a Grandma
Recommended ages: 5-8
Celebrate the bond between grandmas and grandkids with this New York Times bestseller that puts the kids in charge of babysitting, if just for one day. With the useful tips found in this book, kids are guaranteed to become an expert grandma-sitter in no time.

5. Hold a grandparents-themed scavenger hunt.

Help your kids come up with a list of basic household items. Set a timer and let the grandparents bring items back to the screen (if video chatting) or sofa. Then, switch roles and let grandparents tell the kids what to collect.

6. Let kids create Grandparents Day crafts as keepsakes.

These Grandparents Day crafts can be made by various ages. Grandma and Grandpa are sure to cherish your kid’s hard work.

  • Grandparents Award: Toddlers and up can make this craft for their grandparents. All you need is a paper plate, yellow paint, red construction paper, a marker, and some embellishments for your award (stickers, pompoms, glitter glue, etc.).
  • Make a photo album for Grandma and Grandpa: Capture your children’s silly expressions and personalities and pass them along to grandma and grandpa. Print some pictures from your camera roll or social media accounts. Organize them in an album so that their grandparents can always look at their grandkids’ antics.
  • All About Grandma Printable: Grandma will get a good chuckle from this questionnaire’s response. Print it and have your child answer the questions—or create your own. Their answers are sure to amuse you. 

7. Test your Grandparents Day trivia.

See how much you really know about Grandparents Day. Here are a few sites you can check out to test your knowledge.

8. Try a fun app your kids can use with their grandparents.

Your child loves their iPad and phone. So, use those devices to play a game with their grandparents wherever they may be.

  • Scrabble GoPlay the classic Scrabble game you know and love. Users can easily find and start games, plus send each other fun and easy-to-use chat emojis and phrases. Unlock chests to discover and collect a variety of tiles. Then show off new tiles to others in the game as they compete.
  • Words With FriendsEnjoy the word play game where players take turns building words crossword-puzzle style. Keep minds sharp while choosing the ideal move on the board.
  • TouchnoteSend printed, personalized postcards, greeting cards, and other photo products. The app lets members send custom-made, real cards straight from their phone.

9. Take a virtual visit to their homeland.

Go for an online field trip to your child’s grandparents homeland. Whether they grew up in New York City or Japan, learn about the city or country’s culture, history, holidays, and more.

10. Color Grandparents Day pictures.

Kids can take their crayons, markers, paints, and colored pencils to add some color to these Grandparents Day coloring pages. Here are a few links to get you started.

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