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Candytopia Is Returning to NYC: Here’s What Families Will Love

Candytopia Is Returning to NYC: Here’s What Families Will Love

Spanning 24,000 square feet and featuring 17 different interactive exhibits, Candytopia is sure to be your family's favorite new sweet spot for fun in NYC!

If your kiddos ever dreamed of entering a real-life Candy Land or visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, then we have exciting news. Some of us may remember the iconic NYC Candytopia experience in 2018, and it’s back. 

Opening to the public on April 29, Candytopia is about to be the go-to destination for NYC families. Located in Penn Plaza, Candytopia stretches about 24,000 square feet with 17 different interactive exhibits. With so much to explore, we did some digging and found out the top things that your kids are going to love about Candytopia. Read on to learn all about the yummy place and its kid-friendly experiences! 

Marshmallow Pit 

Ball pit, but make it marshmallows. What little one wouldn’t love to jump into a pit of sugary bliss? The marshmallow pit has always been a fan favorite at other Candytopia locations, so it had to be included here in NYC. Because it's so popular, the pit can get a bit crowded, so wait your turn and keep your kids close– or else they might disappear into the faux marshmallows! 

NYC Candy Art Gallery

Your kids may not love touring the galleries of MoMA, but this art gallery is a bit different. For starters, it’s made of all candy. Exclusive to NYC, this new exhibit is the talk of the town— and we’re all dying to see how Candytopia will turn Kit Kats and Reese’s into fine art. Because art is such a part of our NYC culture, we appreciate that Candytopia took that into account when designing a unique experience for us. Candytopia is known for incorporating aspects of the region’s vibe and culture when designing exhibits.  

Confetti Room with Candy-Farting Pigs 

This has to be one of, if not the top, kid-friendly section of Candytopia. First, the confetti room is super fun and it looks great in Instagram photos. NYC mamas, get your cameras out, because adorable family photos are coming your way. While you snap selfies, your kids can see pigs fart candy. Yes, you read that right– these pigs are loaded with candy and ready to let it out! Trust us, your little ones will not be able to stop laughing. 


There truly is something for everyone at Candytopia. While your bigger kids may not think the candy-farting pigs are funny, they will love this feature. Calling all adventure-seeking children, because Candytopia’s zipline is for thrill seekers. While your little one plays in the marshmallow pit, your older child can take their turn on the zipline. 

Birthday Parties

If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate your kiddo’s birthday, look no further than Candytopia. You can book a sweet birthday party that your little one won’t forget. You can even request a private-buyout if you want the space all to yourselves during the visit. Especially after Zoom and at-home birthday parties over the past two years, we’ve been on the lookout for new, in-person NYC birthday spots. Candytopia is top of the list! 

Candy, Candy & more Candy 

It probably goes without saying that you’ll get to munch on sweet treats during your visit. Come with an empty stomach, because you’ll definitely be leaving full on sugar. With that being said, make sure you look after your little ones and monitor their candy intake so their sugar rush isn’t too bad. It can be tempting to grab everything that’s offered, but Candytopia is more about the experience than it is actually eating candy. 

Sign up for your presale tickets now, or wait until they officially go on sale April 12. $36 for adults; $29 for kids 4-12; free for kids under 4. 

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