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Meet The Westchester Mom from the Popular BabyGotChat

Meet The Westchester Mom from the Popular BabyGotChat

Andrea Worthington, a mom of three, shares tips and tricks for raising kids in Westchester County.

Meet Andrea Worthington, the Westchester mom behind BabyGotChat, a parenting blog full of tips and tricks for raising kids in Westchester County. She is one of the parenting influencers we love in the New York metro area!

Andrea Worthington launched her popular blog BabyGotChat when she moved from Manhattan to Westchester as a soon-to-be-mom in 2014. “I made it my mission to find out all the things I could do with my new daughter. I did so much research it felt weird not sharing it with other moms who are just as eager to get out and about with their kids.” She started by posting about local Westchester events, along with tips and tricks for small kids, and has continued—three kids later and now with savvy Facebook and Instagram accounts—offering advice on what local things are must-dos and what can wait until your children are older. “I also love sharing tips I've learned to make parenting easier,” she says.

Why follow Baby Got Chat? It's a top resource for raising kids in Westchester—but many of her straight-forward and educational tips and tricks apply to kids everywhere.  

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What’s the best parenting advice you ever received?

The advice I relate to the most is that our kids are more perceptive than we may care to admit, and the best thing you can do as a parent is to relax if you want them to relax, to have fun if you want them to have fun. You can't expect your kid to stay mellow during a haircut if you're a wreck. I pay attention to my emotional temperature and I find that if I am emitting the wrong vibes, it's time to take a quick time out to reset myself so I can be a more stable presence in my child's life.

What’s the best parenting advice you can give?

Kids are flexible, so don't be afraid to do little things to make your life easier. For example, we have a rule that our kids' favorite toys, their loveys, don't leave bed. This means we'll never lose them in a parking lot or at an amusement park. Sure, they can bring other toys out with them sometimes, but it's never their must-have animal.

My other favorite tip is to get everyone dressed before they leave their bedrooms in the morning. It may mean I have to be careful about messy breakfasts, but not having to herd the kids back into their rooms to pick out clothes saves an easy 15 minutes every morning and makes getting out the door that much easier.

What do you think is a parent’s hardest job?

The hardest job as a parent is getting out of our own heads. So many parents have guilt and pressure that they aren't enough for their kids. No matter what your lifestyle and availability, our kids just want to be able to access us when we are around. We don't need to give them a flashy lifestyle for them to be happy. All they want are loving parents who listen.

What’s your favorite place in the New York City area to bring your kids?

We love going to the American Museum of Natural History. It's a hands-down winner for us due to its easy location, it's affordability, the richness of the surrounding neighborhood, and the variety of exhibits for kids to choose from. It's the perfect way to spend a day.

What is the best thing about raising kids in the New York City area?

The New York City area offers parents access to so many different types of experiences. The city changes as your kids grow up. At first, they may only go to libraries or zoos. But as they get older, they can experience the magic of the American Museum of Natural History or their first Broadway show. It may seem like the landscape of the city changes with each year your kids age, but they just unlock more and more experiences to explore.

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Andrea Worthington


Andrea Worthington is the Westchester mom of three behind the popular parenting blog, BabyGotChat.com. You can find her @BabyGotChat on Facebook and Instagram.

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