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Bilingual Birdies - Marilyn Duque


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The exposure to a second language is important for all children because it allows children the opportunity to understand diversity and accept one another. Learning a second language is ideal at a young age because the brain is like a sponge and learning is effortless. Studies show that children that learn multiple languages have higher cognitive development.  I share an immense love for the language and culture because it's what keeps me connected to my roots. Many children in our native countries are learning English to give them a competitive edge once they enter the workforce; I believe all children should have the same advantage. I look forward to being the person to help your child nurture and develop Spanish, the second most spoken language in the U.S.A.

Bilingual Birdies Bilingual Birdies


Bilingual Birdies is the leading bilingual music education program in New York that serves infants, toddlers, and preschoolers through song, dance, and puppetry. Children get the opportunity to learn a new language from native speakers who have a genuine love for children and celebrate diversity in every class! Super fun research-based methodologies highlight basic vocabulary and short phrases in Spanish while encouraging cross-cultural awareness. Each session is an adventure with Myla Birdie who is a bright yellow puppet that enchants every student through social-emotional play. Children also benefit from physical play and using their imagination to explore themes such as healthy eating, pedestrian safety, identifying colors, and taking a trip to a farm. Age-appropriate concepts and activities are at the core of each week as instructors use music to encourage the learning process. Every class concludes with a bubble dance party extravaganza that will leave the room bouncing! Families should expect to bond with their children and make new connections with other families that are looking to expose their little ones to a new language. Bilingual birthday parties and in-home private lessons are available and can be tailored to meet your family’s needs. Preschool residences are a way to add an unforgettable experience into the classroom on a weekly basis ensuring that children will grow up to be more open-minded adults! All are welcome to join the bilingual movement. Learn more at www.biligualbirdies.com. 

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Join Myla Birdie who is a bright yellow puppet for a summer adventure during our six-week summer series. Learn Spanish and all fun summer things. Bilingual Birdies is the leading bilingual music education program in New York that serves toddlers and preschoolers through song, dance, and puppetry.