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Where to Find the 6 Best Math Videos for Kids

Where to Find the 6 Best Math Videos for Kids

Supplement your kids math education with these math videos for kids.

Mastering math concepts can be tricky for some kids (heck, there's even a tutoring brand dedicated to the subject!), which is why it's a great idea to find some of the best math videos for kids that your student can watch at home. Is your child struggling with understanding math in general? Do they need help with a specific concept on their math homework? Or maybe your student just wants to practice to increase their math smarts? Whatever the reason or need, there's sure to be a math video for kids about it online. So, we collected some of the best online math videos for kids. Check 'em out! And if your child still needs more help with math, it might be time to consider hiring a tutor to help them 1-on-1.

1. Outschool

This diverse marketplace for online learning includes some wonderfully creative math videos and classes for kids—from rounding decimal places to ordering fractions. Kids can learn key concepts through using LEGO, practicing word problems, or engaging in 1-on-1 tutoring. There is a wide range of math lessons, including telling time on an analog clock. There are even math clubs and a daily math meeting circle. Log on to sort math videos by ages and time periods.  

2. IXL Math

You may have heard about this program from your kids’ school—it’s often used in elementary educational programs. Although there are school-friendly plans available here, there are also math videos for kids to use at home so they can master essential skills at their own pace through interactive questions, built in support, and motivating awards. The lessons, which start with pre-K math and go through calculus, offer personalized recommendations based on the skill level at which your child is practicing. 

3. YouTube 

There are many free math videos for kids on YouTube—so many in fact that it might be hard to narrow them down. That’s why it helps to turn to some experts for recommendations: Magoosh Math came up with eight of their favorite math videos and the Best Apps for Kids website also has a list of 10 YouTube channels that will help your kids with math. These YouTube math videos seem to be most useful when your child needs extra help in a specific math topic or problem. 

4. Math Vids4Kids

These educational math videos and quizzes teach the basic math concepts for preschool through fourth grade. Not only will students get a strong understanding of foundations, but teachers and parents will learn how to assist in the effort. You can also click over to its new website: Mage Math which is a math fantasy adventure game where kids fight monsters, use magic, and practice math at the same time. 

5. Math Game Time

These free math videos span a range of grade levels—from pre-K through seventh grade—and subject areas—from algebra to logic to puzzles. Some of these math videos feature actual math teachers providing step-by-step examples to help children solve problems. Other math videos incorporate songs, animation, or favorite characters to help bring important concepts to life.

6. Math Mashup

According to Math Mashup, more than 60 percent of students prefer to learn math visually, which is why they designed their math videos with animation software. Their library of more than 100 K-12 math video lessons covers elementary, middle, and high school level mathematics. While some videos (as well as their newsletter) are free, others require a very inexpensive monthly subscription. 

It may be worth investing in these online programs to get your kids on a successful math track—and so that you don’t have to fill in as the math tutor at home. 

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