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Breaking Out of the Escape Room

Breaking Out of the Escape Room

Escape room games have been gaining popularity around the world, and it is no surprise that they have picked up momentum right here in New York.

In case you may not be familiar, escape room games are played from a first person perspective where you are trapped in a room and you have one hour to find hidden clues to unlock the door and escape. They are mainly appropriate for kids 12 and older.

There are many escape room concepts across New York with different themes, and I had the opportunity to try one out at Locked - Escape Rooms NYC in Astoria, Queens. 

Sandra Anagnostos, owner of Locked, opened the escape room right off of the Astoria-Ditmars stop on the NW subway line in August 2016. Currently, there are two rooms: Spooky Room 479 and Vendetta, and Anagnostos is hoping to add a pirate-themed room in the fall.

Vendetta is a bank heist type of story where you have to unlock a bank account, and Spooky Room 479 is a ghost story where you have to break out of a haunted dorm room. It was my first time playing one of these escape room games. Here’s what I learned and what others can expect:

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What to Expect During the Escape Room

My group of friends and I chose to do the Vendetta room. Once they were ready for us, our gamemaster, Lena, walked us through a few rules, mainly that you are not allowed to use your cell phone unless you use it as a flashlight, and you may leave to use the restroom, but the game will not pause and your teammates must keep going. Lena mentioned that there are cameras in the room and she will monitor us to see if we need any hints and to just yell if we get stuck and need help. Then, she showed us a video to introduce the story and the one-hour countdown began. 

The games are designed for 2-8 people and it really is a great team bonding experience. My group and I took on different tasks and worked well together and spoiler alert: we broke out of the room with six minutes to spare (and asked for a few clues along the way). I will not give away too many details of the game itself, as it is better to walk in and play with no expectations. 

Anagnostos mentioned that these escape room games are a nice way to disconnect from your phone, and I completely agree because it forces you to communicate and work with your team.

Details About Locked – Escape Rooms NYC

Locked – Escape Rooms NYC is located at 22-56 31st St., Astoria and is open Wednesday-Friday, 5-11pm and Saturday-Sunday, 12-11pm. It costs $28 per person and reservations can be made online. Each room can be booked for up to eight people and if you do not book all of the spots, you may be paired with strangers. They are also offering birthday party packages on weekends for children 9 and older. For more information, call 718-274-9700 or email [email protected].


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