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Badger Swim Club and School District’s Co-Op Summer Enrichment Program Have Partnered to Teach Kids Water Safety This Summer in Mamaroneck

Badger Swim Club and School District’s Co-Op Summer Enrichment Program Have Partnered to Teach Kids Water Safety This Summer in Mamaroneck

The partnership has provided pre-summer swimming lessons for 60 children who otherwise would not be able to learn how to swim.

Drowning is the second-biggest cause of accidental death in children younger than 12, and more than 400 Mamaroneck and Larchmont children do not have access to swim instruction and pool memberships this summer, which compounds their risk of drowning. To help change that, Badger Swim Club and Mamaroneck School District’s Co-Op Summer Enrichment Program have partnered to bring swimming instruction to 60 low-income children with little-to-no swimming experience—just in time for summer. The STEM Alliance, which runs the Co-Op under contract with the school district, has been working with the district and the swim club to find a swim lesson solution since 2017.

“We are thrilled to connect these struggling swimmers with outstanding instruction offered by Badger, our area’s premier swim club,” says Margaret Käufer, the lead administration of the Co-Op. Badger, which is run by John Collins, Jr., immediately responded to the Co-Op’s request for help.

Kids who participated in the swim lesson program in the past were three times more likely than their Co-Op peers to become independent, strong swimmers. Beyond combatting drowning statistics, Badger staff has seen how swimming lessons help kids develop confidence and emotional growth. Knowing how to swim also helps kids enjoy the Long Island Sound, which environmentalists say is a key factor in wanting to protect the Sound and its inhabitants. All of these factors contribute to the overall importance of swim lessons and swim education.

 “Private-public partnerships such as these are the types of initiatives that let us go above and beyond in service to our students,” Superintendent Dr. Shaps says.


Main Image: Co-Op campers get low cost swim instruction through a special partnership with Badger Swim Club.

Photo Credit: Jason Corbett, 2019

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