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Check Out These 6 Accessible Clothing Lines for Teens and Young Adults with Special Needs

Check Out These 6 Accessible Clothing Lines for Teens and Young Adults with Special Needs

These brands are committed to making sure everyone can be stylish and comfortable.

Once your child with special needs gets bigger, it can be even harder to find clothing that ensures he is comfortable and feels good about his style. These clothing lines provide pieces that adapt to many different situations, so teens and young adults with all kinds of special needs can feel independent, stylish, and comfortable. You can also check out our roundup of adaptive clothing lines perfect for kids.


Silvert’s offers affordable styles for a variety of special needs, such as jeans and pants suitable for wheelchairs, pants with easily-accessible zippers and closures, shoes that are slip-resistant and easy to remove, tops that snap on and off and can be removed from a wheelchair, comfortable and easily removable undergarments, cute adaptive sleepwear, dress shirts with magnetic buttons on the cuffs, slip resistant socks, and so much more. The Silvert’s selection is huge, so no matter what your child needs, you can find something they love–and will be comfortable in!


In Rackety’s clothing, teens and young adults can be "fresh, dry, confident, and comfortable." The UK-based brand (which ships internationally) offers a selection of outwear, shirts, pants, vests, pajamas, and more that are accessible and colorful. You can also find wheelchair capes, accessories, and underwear.


This UK-based company also ships internationally offers a wide variety of clothing for teens and young adults in wheelchairs, as well as accessible clothing such as easy-fastening belts and shoes and elastic-waist pants. Working men and women can also find clip-on ties for the office!

Ross Daniel Adaptive Apparel

This line offers slip resistant socks, waterproof bandana scarves, and ProtecTees clothing protectors that come in cool prints and colors. Ross Daniel is motivated by “a core belief that people with disabilities, and young people, in particular, don’t want to be overlooked by the fashion world.”


Land's End uses MagnaReady's magnet-closing technology for school uniforms, and MagnaReady also sells its own boys' and mens' shirts. Duluth Trading Company uses MagnaReady technology for clothing sold in Kohl's, Macy's, Men's Warehouse, and other retailers. Magnet technology allows clothes to snap closed, eliminating the hassle of buttons and zippers.

Patti & Ricky

This inclusive marketplace consists of more than 65 designers making functional, adaptive, stylish designs for adults and kids with disabilities. However, Patti & Ricky isn’t just for clothes–the kids section also features art supplies, bibs and bandanas, Braille-printed jewelry, books, “chewlery”, eye patches, wheelchair bags, weighted blankets, and more!

Adaptations by Adrian

This store has specialized in individualized adaptive clothing since 1993. You can find almost anything you need on the website, from arm and leg warmers, to bags, to footwear, to capes and jackets, to shirts and pants, to suits and more! Adaptations by Adrian offers gift cards as well. All of ABA’s clothing is easily accessible, very comfortable, and made with real people in mind.

Tommy Adaptive

Just like its adaptive kids clothing, Tommy Hilfiger’s adaptive clothing for adults is fashion forward, comfortable, and easily accessible–and made in Tommy’s distinctive style. Tommy’s 16-year-old daughter Kathleen has autism, as does his stepson. Tommy’s experience underlines Tommy Adaptive’s commitment to innovative, adaptive clothing for teens and young adults searching for stylish clothes.

Main Image: Credit to Tommy Adaptive.

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