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New Improv Class Offered for Teens and Kids in Midtown

New Improv Class Offered for Teens and Kids in Midtown

'Playgrounded' is a new improv class to help kids and teens unleash their creativity through acting!

Playgrounded improv classes offer fun, yet challenging classes that combine both comedy and theater in Midtown.  Students learn to take ownership of their improv skills while developing strong relationships with their peers, and having a blast along the way.

All classes are taught by Aaron F. Brateman or Jordan Bialik, two friends and improvisers, who have over 20 years of combined improv experience, and 10 years of combined friendship.

Aaron and Jordan are both directors at French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, a theater camp in upstate New York, where Aaron has spent many years leading the Improv Troupe for teenagers, and Jordan recently created the Junior Improv Troupe for younger campers.

Playgrounded's style is based around creating grounded, yet playful scenes. In other words, they encourage students to Playgrounded!

In The Slide, elementary school players will take the plunge into the world of improv through a variety of games and exercises. They will learn to work with their fellow players as an ensemble, building strong group agreement to create funny scenes. Students will explore creating original characters and environments to help fuel their work. Beginners are welcome.

In The Seesaw class, middle schoolers will learn to balance strong improv skills with their unique comedic voices. They will explore the tenants of strong scene work, including further focus on acceptance, listening, awareness, and grounding. Students will then learn how to activate these skills in a variety of games, as they learn to identify what they think is funny in a scene. Beginners are welcome.

In The Jungle Gym, high schoolers will learn to take ownership of their improv skills and comedic voices. Students will spend time developing strong group mind, while learning how to activate a comedic premise in a scene. Through a variety of exercises, players will learn how to bring their own voices to their scene work, as they explore the foundations of long form improv. Beginners are welcome.

Winter Classes are currently enrolling. Visit the Playgrounded website for more information.

Playgrounded Improv
520 8th Ave

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